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23 January 2023

Banana Moon Day Nursery Westhill

Banana Moon Day Nursery Westhill

Nursery Practitioner


We are seeking applications from potential candidates who love to work in childcare.

We are currently looking for candidates for our Aberdeen International site. In our nursery, we value and invest in our staff team through individual coaching and training. We believe our team is our biggest asset. As you will discover, we have a dynamic and diverse team, and every team member is deeply passionate about childcare. We have our own unique Early Learning and Development Programme, which limits paperwork and puts children’s and Practitioners wellbeing at the heart of all that we do.

The candidate would be working in a newly renovated setting, with free flow access to the garden and include the benefits of working for a nursery within the Banana Moon Franchise. As well as supporting our staff team in their career development and because we are a new nursery there are many opportunities to progress within your career. If you are already a working practitioner, this vacancy could be your dream next step on your career ladder. On the other hand, if you are new to childcare, you may find our apprenticeships appealing. We recruit candidates of all ages and train them to be future professionals.

Our opening hours are from 7:30 AM to 6:30 PM five days a week. We strongly believe that work-life balance is vital for our staff, and we provide it in our nursery through a flexible rota system. Our rota system works on a rotational and fair basis by supporting our team in their varying circumstances and weekly needs. Our salary scheme is negotiable and usually range from £14,916.12 to £22,000 based on experience. If you are a senior practitioner and have management potential, we will offer you even more. We always value your prospects and offer you the best pay you deserve.

Are you excited? Contact us with your CV, and you can see it all for yourself! We can’t wait to see you!

Job Types: Full time, Part-time

Hours: 42 per week

Salary: £14,916.72-£24.000.00 per year

Benefits: Employee discount, On-site parking, Sick pay

Schedule: 10 hour shift, 8 hour shift

Day shift No weekends

Work Location: One location

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